5 Surprisingly Healthy Indian Dishes To Make Your Taste Buds Happy

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Eating healthy is a new concept that has recently found recognition among the masses. People today are highly conscious about their lifestyle and the food that they eat. As the years pass by, things have changed and technology has improved. This change has brought with it several new diseases. If you want a change in […]

Top 5 Indian Dishes For Vegetarians

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Talk about delicious foods, India will definitely belong to the league of top countries. The recipes that we prepare in India are a perfect blend of flavor, taste and health. The palatability of every Indian dish is beyond doubt- rather say Indian dishes do perfect justice to your tongue. These good foods are perfectly concluded […]

Compassion Tastes Good

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If you’ve been curious about veganism as I have been, then there are plenty of reasons to pursue this relatively alternative life style choice. For me I suppose it’s primarily been a matter of compassion and empathy fueling my own moral perceptions of the world. I think I have my mother who has been an […]